Thursday, August 20, 2009

StarCraft 2 Beta Twitter Giveaway

I'm super pumped about the next StarCraft, even though it will be delayed until 2010. There hasn't been any information regarding a Beta, but since Blizzcon starts tomorrow more info on it may come very soon.

There are several opportunities to get in on the eventual Beta. The primary way is to create a account at After you create an account, you have to visit, submit your system specs by downloading and running their utility and choose which Betas you wish to be eligible for (choose them all obviously). When they pick people for the Beta, you should get an email if you are one of the chosen. There are also several contests fun by fan sites and sponsors for Beta keys, however these don't seem worth entering since the odds of winning are poor and you will probably get spam. There is one contest that seems legit and is the reason why I made this post. It is a contest run by Blizzard using Twitter. Now normally, I wouldn't care about contests like this, but they have said:

FYI, if our 500 beta key contest ended now, everyone who submitted with a RT @StarCraft and #sc2fan would get a key.

so the odds of winning should be pretty good.

To enter the contest follow these steps:
1. Sign up for a twitter account at
2. Go to the official Starcraft twitter page at and follow starcraft.
3. Go back to your twitter homepage (once you are signed up) and tweet the following by pasting it into the "What are you doing?" field and clicking update.

RT @StarCraft 500 SC2 beta keys going to our biggest #SC2fan [TYPE WHY YOU LIKE STARCRAFT IN THE BRACKETS!!!] Rules:

4. Verify that you post works by clicking and looking for your tweet.

Now, this means that I am now on twitter. I don't promise many updates, but if you want to follow me, you can at I'll probably post a few tweets in the next few days to give it a try.

If you are interested in Starcraft, make sure to check out the following links. - Watch professional StarCraft games with professional English commentary (great for learning the game). The Warcraft 3 coverage is also great. - Tons of StarCraft games with amateur commentary. - The largest English StarCraft community site. - Download StarCraft (for free) and play single player or through the iCCup network.

Good luck with the contest and hopefully I'll see you all on the Beta.

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  1. Quick update, it looks like those who entered will have about a 40% chance of winning (which is great btw). Results were originally going to be posted this week, but they were pushed back a week.