Monday, June 15, 2009

WoW Arena Rating Data Analysis

I play a lot of WoW. One of the things I've always wondered about is how the arena system works and if you can use this to tell which classes are the most powerful. For those who don't know, WoW has an arena where you join a team and battle against other teams. Your team gets a rating (calculated similar to chess ratings) based on your wins, losses and opponents.

I wrote a script to gather from the WoW armory site. This data includes all active players in the top 5000 teams 2v2 of each battlegroup (over 56000 players). One of the criticisms of other lists of the top 1% of players is the small sample size, the data in this post uses a much larger sample size to produce an average rating for each class. The data only includes players who played more than 10 games in the previous week.

The raw data can be found here
Thanks to carsonist of for suggesting

This data shows the average ranting of each class for all active 2v2 players in the top 5000 teams of each battlegroup. I had run this script about a month ago and the disparity between the stronger and weaker classes was worse then. Rogues and priests have been brought closer to average, but melee and healers in general are still dominant. Ranged dps classes are struggling and are in about the same place they were a month ago.

Class Rating
Priest 1745
Druid 1741
Death Knight 1737
Rogue 1732
Warrior 1715
Paladin 1705
Shaman 1689
Mage 1681
Warlock 1678
Hunter 1632

This data shows the number of players of each class for all active 2v2 players in the top 5000 teams of each battlegroup. The data suggests that players who play classes with lower average rating are playing arena less.

Class Number of Active Players
Paladin 9896
Rogue 7993
Priest 7575
Druid 7428
Death Knight 6799
Warrior 4235
Shaman 3864
Warlock 3339
Mage 3094
Hunter 1771