Monday, May 18, 2009

Team Fortress 2 Spy Update

It's update time again for TF2 and Valve is promising a big one.

As part of a long running tradition dating back as far as I can remember, a TF2 update is accompanied by the ritual "guessing of the achievements." So, I present to you, my predictions for the spy's new achievements.

Edit: This is larger than I thought (that's what she said). A sniper update and a spy update. Also hats, everyone loves hats. I've edited the post with my predictions for the sniper's new achievements.

Sniper Achievements
Australian Rules:
Dominate someone as sniper.

Be Efficient:
Get 3 kills with 3 bullets without missing.

Be Polite:
Provide the enemy with a kill-cam of your kukri taunt.

Beaux and Arrows:
Shoot a medic and their overcharged teammate w/ the bow.

Consolation Prize:
Get killed by spies 50 times.

Dead Reckoning:
Get a headshot from a long distance.

Kill 3 sentries in 1 life.

Dropped Dead:
Kill a player who has not done any damage during their life.

Enemy at the Gate:
Kill an enemy within 1 second of the round starting.

Friendship is Golden:
Jarate someone on your friends list.

Have a Plan:
Get the final cap on a level.

Jarate Chop:
Kukri someone who has been jarate'd.

Jarring Transition:
Reveal a spy w/ jarate.

Jumper Stumper:
Kill a rocket jumping heavy.

Kill Everyone You Meet:
Get 1000 headshots.

Kook the Spook:
Kukri 10 spies to death.

My Brilliant Career:
Get top score on a team.

Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad:
Get 3 defenses in a single life.

Number One Assistant:
Get 5 assists w/ jarate in a single life.

Parting Shot:
Get a headshot blocked by a teammate.

Stick 3 arrows into the same player.

Rain on Their Parade:
Jarate 2 people when it is raining.

Robbin’ Hood:
Kill an intel carrier with the bow.

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet:
Dominate someone with jarate.

Saturation Bombing:
Hit 4 people with a single jarate.

Self-destruct Sequence:
Get 10 headshots on people w/ the new hats.

Get a taunt kill with the bow.

Shock Treatment:
Shock a spy with the shield.

Shoot the Breeze:
Snipe and kill a spy who is cloaked.

Socket to Him:
Shoot a demo's bottle.

The Last Wave:
Provide an enemy with a killcam of your rifle taunt.

Triple Prey:
Kill the 3 top scoring enemy players in a single life.

Trust Your Feelings:
Get 5 no scope kills. (use the force Luke)

Kill a medic who is ready to deploy an ubercharge with the bow.

William Tell Overkill:
Pin a player to a wall w/ their head using the bow.

Spy Achievements

A Cut Above:
Be the first score on your team without using your gun.

Agent Provocateur:
Get 10 backstabs in a single life.

Burn Notice:
Be on fire for 30 total seconds.

Come in From the Cold:
Backstab a heavy who is weilding the KGB.

Constructus Interruptus:
Kill a engineer while he is building.

Counter Espionage:
Kill an opposing spy who is in disguise.

Deep Undercover:
Equip the new spy hat. (fedora?)

Die Another Way:
Kill a player wearing each of the new hats.

Kill 50 people w/ your revolver.

Dr. Nooooo:
Kill a medic who is waiting to deploy an uber charge.

For Your Eyes Only:
Provide your victim with a kill cam of you smoking a cigaret.

FYI I am a Spy:
Kill a medic who has been healing you.

High Value Target:
Kill 3 snipers in a single life.

Identity Theft:
Backstab a player while disguised as them.

Insurance Fraud:
Kill 10 medics.

Is It Safe?:
Capture 50 points.

Joint Operation:
Get a point within 3 seconds of another spy getting a point.

May I Cut In?:
Within 30 seconds kill 2 medics, one of which is overhealed.

On Her Majesty's Secret Surface:
Initiate a capture that eventually succeeds.

Point Breaker:
Block 15 captures.

Sap Auteur:
Sap 1000 buildings.

Backstab an engineer who is removing a sapper.

Kill 10 people who are wearing the new hats.

Slash and Burn:
Cause a person you have dominated to switch to pyro.

Sleeper Agent:
Backstab a player after "dying" with the Dead Ringer.

Spies Like Us:
Disguise as a spy of the opposing team.

Get 1000 backstabs.

The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.:
Get a taunt Kill with the knife.

The Man with the Broken Guns:
Backstab 3 engineers while sapping one of their buildings.

The Melbourne Supremacy:
Kill a sniper who has you in their scope. (face stab)

Dominate 3 players.

Kill a player while it is raining.

Who’s Your Daddy?:
Kill a scout who is weilding a bat.

You Only Shiv Thrice:
Get 3 backstabs in 10 seconds.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Star Trek Movie Review

So, I went to see the new Star Trek movie Friday. I'm a big fan of J. J. Abrams and Lost so I was interested in seeing what he would do with the Star Trek franchise. I don't consider myself a trekie, but I think the franchise is pretty good. This review will hopefully be spoiler free, but I will mention stuff that either was shown in the previews or should be obvious to anyone familiar with the Star Trek universe.

The first thing I notice is the movie's poster. It struck me as odd that it was a blurred picture of the enterprise, as if it was a secret that the USS Enterprise would be in the movie (spoiler alert, it is). When I saw the movie, the poster made complete sense. HOLY LENS FLARE BATMAN! There are literally scenes where 2 people are just talking and 90% of the screen is pure white from lens flare. What, did they get this guy to do the lighting?

I'm not really a fan of the teenagers save the world type movie (Harry Potter, X-Men, Transformers etc) so I almost walked out when a young Kirk cruises across the desert in a red convertible. Luckily, I like the Beastie Boys. I did leave the theater briefly to return a call when Chris Pine and co win quidditch and sneak aboard the enterprise, so I'm just going to assume that this part sucked.

The next 10 minutes showed the entire deck of the enterprise being replaced by the cadets trekies would know from the original series for pretty arbitrary reasons. I understand that the movie is already over 2 hours long, but they could have fleshed out how the crew went from recent grads to head of their fields. The most odd was probably Uhura who replaces a guy because she speaks Romulan. The problem is, this never even becomes useful since they can't use their communicator and the Romulans seem to speak English, even when talking privately.

The plot of the movie is pretty good, those familiar with lost should notice a few similarities with time travel and alternate realities. The space scenes and fights were also well done with black holes appearing black and no sound in space most of the time to appeal to the sci fi purists. My main complaint about the plot is that the big threat to the universe is a disgruntled Romulan in a mining vehicle. Like, WTF. Also, why does he kick so much ass when his ship isn't even primarially designed for combat. In a latter scene, the enterprise is able to shoot down 100% of the Romulan missiles with little trouble, why couldn't they just have done that before? Plus, even though he is crazy, he could just fly to Romulus and see that it is still there. If he tried to pull that shit on earth today, his incredibly weak drill would get shot down by F-16's. Though I guess that could be avoided by drilling in a less scenic location.

Simon Pegg is awesome as always and carries this movie through the second half. But he is given so many cheesy lines it is almost unbearable.

Overall, Star Trek was a decent movie and above average in its action film genre. I look forward to more movies by J. J. Abrams now that he seems to be moving from TV to theaters (I guess he did do Mission Impossible III which was also pretty good), I just hope he doesn't realize that he can re-release this same plot 2-3 more times with different franchises for mega $$$. I also fear the obvious "Star Trek: Academy" spin off TV series (Think Grey's Anatomy meets, well Star Trek). Overall, I give this movie a 7/10 and suggest that anyone who liked the X-Men or Transformers series as well as Star Trek fans should go see it. If you are a movie goer who likes lens flare I would definitely recomend you go see it, just bring a change of pants.

New Blog

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog. As a soon to be unemployed engineer, I decided to take up the lucrative hobby of blogging. I plan on mostly talking about interesting stuff going on in my life with some guides on computers and electronics when I get the chance. My friends call me "el dawg", so here is "el blawg."