Monday, May 18, 2009

Team Fortress 2 Spy Update

It's update time again for TF2 and Valve is promising a big one.

As part of a long running tradition dating back as far as I can remember, a TF2 update is accompanied by the ritual "guessing of the achievements." So, I present to you, my predictions for the spy's new achievements.

Edit: This is larger than I thought (that's what she said). A sniper update and a spy update. Also hats, everyone loves hats. I've edited the post with my predictions for the sniper's new achievements.

Sniper Achievements
Australian Rules:
Dominate someone as sniper.

Be Efficient:
Get 3 kills with 3 bullets without missing.

Be Polite:
Provide the enemy with a kill-cam of your kukri taunt.

Beaux and Arrows:
Shoot a medic and their overcharged teammate w/ the bow.

Consolation Prize:
Get killed by spies 50 times.

Dead Reckoning:
Get a headshot from a long distance.

Kill 3 sentries in 1 life.

Dropped Dead:
Kill a player who has not done any damage during their life.

Enemy at the Gate:
Kill an enemy within 1 second of the round starting.

Friendship is Golden:
Jarate someone on your friends list.

Have a Plan:
Get the final cap on a level.

Jarate Chop:
Kukri someone who has been jarate'd.

Jarring Transition:
Reveal a spy w/ jarate.

Jumper Stumper:
Kill a rocket jumping heavy.

Kill Everyone You Meet:
Get 1000 headshots.

Kook the Spook:
Kukri 10 spies to death.

My Brilliant Career:
Get top score on a team.

Not a Crazed Gunman, Dad:
Get 3 defenses in a single life.

Number One Assistant:
Get 5 assists w/ jarate in a single life.

Parting Shot:
Get a headshot blocked by a teammate.

Stick 3 arrows into the same player.

Rain on Their Parade:
Jarate 2 people when it is raining.

Robbin’ Hood:
Kill an intel carrier with the bow.

Rode Hard, Put Away Wet:
Dominate someone with jarate.

Saturation Bombing:
Hit 4 people with a single jarate.

Self-destruct Sequence:
Get 10 headshots on people w/ the new hats.

Get a taunt kill with the bow.

Shock Treatment:
Shock a spy with the shield.

Shoot the Breeze:
Snipe and kill a spy who is cloaked.

Socket to Him:
Shoot a demo's bottle.

The Last Wave:
Provide an enemy with a killcam of your rifle taunt.

Triple Prey:
Kill the 3 top scoring enemy players in a single life.

Trust Your Feelings:
Get 5 no scope kills. (use the force Luke)

Kill a medic who is ready to deploy an ubercharge with the bow.

William Tell Overkill:
Pin a player to a wall w/ their head using the bow.

Spy Achievements

A Cut Above:
Be the first score on your team without using your gun.

Agent Provocateur:
Get 10 backstabs in a single life.

Burn Notice:
Be on fire for 30 total seconds.

Come in From the Cold:
Backstab a heavy who is weilding the KGB.

Constructus Interruptus:
Kill a engineer while he is building.

Counter Espionage:
Kill an opposing spy who is in disguise.

Deep Undercover:
Equip the new spy hat. (fedora?)

Die Another Way:
Kill a player wearing each of the new hats.

Kill 50 people w/ your revolver.

Dr. Nooooo:
Kill a medic who is waiting to deploy an uber charge.

For Your Eyes Only:
Provide your victim with a kill cam of you smoking a cigaret.

FYI I am a Spy:
Kill a medic who has been healing you.

High Value Target:
Kill 3 snipers in a single life.

Identity Theft:
Backstab a player while disguised as them.

Insurance Fraud:
Kill 10 medics.

Is It Safe?:
Capture 50 points.

Joint Operation:
Get a point within 3 seconds of another spy getting a point.

May I Cut In?:
Within 30 seconds kill 2 medics, one of which is overhealed.

On Her Majesty's Secret Surface:
Initiate a capture that eventually succeeds.

Point Breaker:
Block 15 captures.

Sap Auteur:
Sap 1000 buildings.

Backstab an engineer who is removing a sapper.

Kill 10 people who are wearing the new hats.

Slash and Burn:
Cause a person you have dominated to switch to pyro.

Sleeper Agent:
Backstab a player after "dying" with the Dead Ringer.

Spies Like Us:
Disguise as a spy of the opposing team.

Get 1000 backstabs.

The Man from P.U.N.C.T.U.R.E.:
Get a taunt Kill with the knife.

The Man with the Broken Guns:
Backstab 3 engineers while sapping one of their buildings.

The Melbourne Supremacy:
Kill a sniper who has you in their scope. (face stab)

Dominate 3 players.

Kill a player while it is raining.

Who’s Your Daddy?:
Kill a scout who is weilding a bat.

You Only Shiv Thrice:
Get 3 backstabs in 10 seconds.

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