Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TF2 Engineer Update Achievement Predictions

Hey, update time for Team Fortress 2 and another chance to go head to head with the Carsonist and his Bardcast partner in crime to determine the fate of the universe as well as who can accurately predict the most achievements based only on the given names and descriptions.

Battle Rustler

Accumulate 100 teleports


Get a kill with a crit using the Frontier Justice

Search Engine

Manually kill a spy using the Wrangler

Pownd on the Range

Kill someone when you are far away from your sentry

Building Block

Use your wrangler to block an enemy from capturing


Get 8 kills in a single life with the Frontier Justice

Quick Draw

Kill 2 spies within 10 seconds of eachother

The Wrench Connection

Kill a disguised spy with your wrench

Silent Pardner

Pick up 50 toolkits from dead engineers

Fistful of Sappers

Complete a round without having any of your buildings sapped

Doc, Stock and Barrel

Get a sentry kill while being assisted by a Medic

Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas

Kill a soldier w/ a level 1 sentry

Frontier Justice

Kill an enemy from long range with the Frontier Justice

Six-String Stinger

Give an enemy a killcam picture of you with the guitar

Uncivil Engineer

Give an enemy a killcam picture of your level 1 sentry

Texas Two-Step

Get a shotgun kill while being assisted by your sentry

The Extinguished Gentleman

Extinguish a player using your dispenser

Doc Holiday

Get top heals for the round

No Man's Land

Kill 25 people on your control points

Trade Secrets

Kill an intel carrier using the Frontier Justice

Death Metal

Collect 10000 metal from broken engineer buildings

Land Grab

Assist another engineer in upgrading a building

Git Along!

Remove a sapper from another engineers building

How the Pests was Gunned

Destroy a sticky that was threatening one of your buildings

Honky Tonk Man

Guitar Taunt Kill

Breaking Morant

Kill 10 snipers

Rio Grind

Get 50 kills using the Wrangler

Patent Protection

Protect your sentry from lethal damage using the Wrangler

If You Build It, They Will Die

Get top kills in a round with your sentry

Texas Ranger

Chuck Norris YEEEAAAHHHH!!!!


Taunt at the same time as another engineer

Drugstore Cowboy

Build a level 3 dispenser before any other buildings

Circle the Wagons

Kill someone with your wrench who is attacking your buildings

Built to Last

Have your dispenser last the entire round

(Not So) Lonely are the Brave

Have a heavy get a kill while being supplied by your dispenser